What is Vaccinia?

Vaccinia is truly a viral mystery as it’s really unknown whether it is a genetic recombination or a separate species of virus stemming from the cowpox or variloa viruses. We do know that Vaccinia belongs to the poxvirus family and is known for its major role in the vaccine that wiped out smallpox; the first of its kind. In the early part of the century, it was also thought that smallpox was being used for bioterrorism, however nothing much ever came of that theory. Vaccinia is very closely related to the virus that is responsible for cowpox, so much so that they are typically considered to be the same virus.

How to Disinfect Vaccinia

Today, there are isolated cases of vaccinia, one was a small boy and the other was a woman who contracted the virus through sexual contact with her boyfriend who was in the military and had recently been vaccinated for smallpox. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that there are at least four confirmed cases of women contracting vaccinia through their military boyfriends. The chances of contracting Vaccinia this way exist for up to a year after the vaccination is given. Because we know how serious Vaccinia can be, Clear Gear Sports Spray is specially designed to kill the viruses that cause illnesses like Vaccinia. Clear Gear Sports Spray can be used in a variety of applications such as treating objects shared at schools, daycares, locker rooms, sports gear and equipment, on backpacks, even the cases of our cell phones and tablets.

Stop Vaccinia in it’s Tracks

Common Vaccinia Strains

Below are some common strains of the Vaccinia virus:

  • Western Reserve
  • Copenhagen
  • Dryvax
  • ACAM2000
  • Modified Vaccinia Ankara

At Clear Gear, we believe that prevention is the best medicine and Clear Gear Sports Spray can help in the prevention of some of the most horrendous diseases and illnesses out there.

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