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How to Clean Training Tables

Training Tables are beyond common with athletes. They’re found in just about every sports trainer or physical therapists office and many athletes find themselves on a training table more often than not. Any time there is an injury, a training table is the standard piece of equipment used for the patient or player to rest during treatment. Training tables are also popular for physical therapy sessions. Because of all the action training tables see, it’s no wonder that they see their fare share of blood, sweat and tears just like any other piece of equipment an athlete touches or uses. It’s also no wonder why it’s difficult to keep up with recommendations for maintaining clean and sanitary conditions on these tables.

Recommendations like these should always be taken seriously as it takes just one dirty or improperly cleaned training table to have contact with somebody’s open wound or cut and it can affect not only them, but anyone they contact. We see this happen too often with highly communicable and potentially dangerous diseases and illnesses like MRSA, Staph, Herpes and even Athlete’s Foot.
Cases of MRSA and Staph can become difficult to treat since they are so resistant to antibiotics. This can lead to other complications and may ultimately keep an athlete out of the game for quite some time. Facts like these will prompt anyone to take action to keep their training tables clean and protected. Moreover, everything you have contact with should be treated using Clear Gear Sports Spray because it’s specially designed to kill germs, viruses and bacteria that cause a variety of illnesses and diseases.

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Viruses and Germs on Training Tables

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) recommends that trainers, physical therapists, health care professionals, parents and athletes take ample precautions to prevent the spread of communicable and infectious diseases. There is a definite increase in certain infections and diseases among high school and college aged athletes and this is especially true in cases of MRSA, herpes gladiatorum and impetigo.

If you experience a cut or an open wound, seek immediate medical attention. Remember, if you do suffer an open injury, you’ll probably have to wait out any sports events on the sideline until you have been treated and cleared by a doctor. There should also be special care taken when maintaining playing areas, courts or mats by cleaning them and keeping them free from bacteria or waste.

Prevent Infections on Training Tables

Below are some helpful suggestions to prevent the spread of communicable illnesses and diseases:

  • Keep all training tables clean and protected by using Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Shower immediately after practice, games or competitions
  • Wash or pretreat clothing or gear that you wore and ultimately sweated on during the activity
  • Clean and/or treat gym or workout bags using Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Clean all of your training tables as well as any other gear or machines used at your athletic facility (foam pads, handles, helmets, pads, guards, gloves, etc…) and allow them to dry thoroughly before next use
  • Don’t use a training table until it has been properly cleaned
  • Keep all cuts, lesions or abrasions clean, dry and covered

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