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Cleaning Tactical Gear

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams have some of the toughest jobs on the face of the earth. Every time they are on the job, they are putting their lives in danger to save others from harm. The wear and tear on SWAT uniforms and gear is even more extreme than that of police officers. The gear that SWAT teams use certainly harbors germs, viruses and infections that can cause members of a team to get sick. That is why it is important to keep the equipment used clean. Clear Gear Spray can certainly be beneficial to a SWAT team’s cleaning regimen.

SWAT teams use heavy equipment to complete their dangerous tasks while they are on the job. Whether it is heavy firearms, grenades, armor, shields, special tools and even the large vehicles that they use to get around – these all need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep their team healthy in addition to the people that they might need to attend to during a mission. Germs can spread to equipment through sweat, blood and many other ways, especially in professions as dangerous as this one. It is vital to make sure that this gear is not only wiped down, but cleaned as well so everyone can use it without having to worry about their health.

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Viruses and Germs in SWAT Gear

These men and women protect us from harm every single day, and have to complete some difficult tasks with everything on the line. It is important to provide them with everything they need to not only protect us, but to keep themselves safe from harm as well. We do not want the people protecting us to become ill because they did not properly disinfect their vest after using it. Clear Gear Spray can be used to help keep SWAT teams free of infections, germs and dangerous bacteria.

Prevent Infections in SWAT Equipment

It does not take much effort in order to make sure that your gear is fresh, clean and ready for the important job you attend to each day. Simply spray Clear Gear on whatever equipment that was used throughout the day to ensure it is safe, clean, and ready for its next use.

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