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Preventing Illnesses at Schools

Schools house our most precious resource: our children. We spend so much time trying to protect them whether it’s with car seat or college tuition funds, we only want the best for them. With all this planning and worrying, we sometimes miss the dangers that lie right in front of us like infectious diseases. One of the most common breeding grounds for bacteria and infectious diseases are schools. It doesn’t matter much which school age group we refer to as daycares all the way up to colleges are swarming with bacteria, but there are some common areas they all share like bathrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums. All of these place have seen their share of blood, sweat and bodily fluids. With all this daily action, it’s easy to see how difficult it can be to maintain the standards of cleaning and sanitization that the experts recommend.

These are the sorts of recommendations that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once an infectious disease finds a portal of entry, say a small cut on a child’s finger, it can affect not only them, but also anyone who comes into contact with them. We see cases like this all the time in schools as well as among school sports teams with highly transmittable and potentially dangerous illnesses like MRSA, Staph, Herpes and even Athlete’s Foot.

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Viruses and Germs at Schools

Cases of MRSA and Staph can be difficult to treat and may cause complications that keep children at home and out of school. As parents and teachers, it’s facts like these that can prompt us to take action in keeping our schools and kids clean and protected. This also applies to areas of schools used for gym classes and showering. Everything within the school that you have contact with such as railings, lockers and bathrooms should be treated and using Clear Gear Sports Spray helps to kill germs, viruses and bacteria that cause a variety of illnesses and diseases.

This is especially important among high school and college aged athletes because their risk of contracting an infectious disease is increased as seen with cases of MRSA, herpes gladiatorum and impetigo.

Prevent Infections at Schools

The following are some helpful suggestions for preventing the spread of infectious illnesses and diseases:

  • Clean and/or treat common areas with an industrial application of Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Clean all of the common areas used at your school and allow them to dry thoroughly
  • Don’t share personal items
  • Keep all cuts, lesions or abrasions clean, dry and covered

If a student does find themselves with an open cut or wound, examine the wound immediately or help the student seek appropriate medical attention. Extra caution should be exercised when maintaining playing areas, bathrooms and eating areas by cleaning them and keeping them free from bacteria or waste. From the floor to the ceiling, schools should be regularly treated using Clear Gear Sports Spray. At Clear Gear, we know how important keeping our children safe, clean and disease free is. Don’t hold them back with a preventable, drawn out and painful illness. Use Clear Gear Sports Spray and let the kids keep on playing.

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