Our Story

My name is Steve Tracanna and I am one of the founders of Clear Gear. I am a father of three, husband, entrepreneur and, in general, a hockey nut. Some people go to the gym to work out, others go to cooking class to learn something new and others a psychiatrist to straighten out their head….I accomplish all of these goals by playing hockey year round in three to four different leagues. I have been playing for as long as I can remember; first, street and roller hockey and then moving onto the ice as I got older. In 34+ years of playing the game I have had my share of injuries. I have been kicked in the face with a skate, broken my thumb, strained ligaments in my ankle and knee, been slashed by a skate blade and have had various other stitches, bruises and sprains.

Nothing that ever happened in hockey prepared me for the experience I had in November of 2011. It was the Monday night after Thanksgiving and I had a great week of league and tournament hockey playing in 6 games over the holiday week. That night I laid down with my wife and kids to watch a movie. I started to shiver uncontrollably and asked my wife to grab me a blanket. 10 minutes, 25 minutes, an hour later I was still shivering nonstop.. I figured I was developing a serious flu and went to bed aching all over and feeling miserable. Sleep was nowhere to be found and I spent the night under the covers sweating, shivering and basically staring at the clock until morning.

That next morning, my wife checked on me and I can recall feeling terrible all over but especially in my left arm…the pain was really killing me!!! At that point I got out of bed and looked at my left arm….my elbow had swollen to almost double its normal size and the swelling was moving out towards my shoulder and my wrist. At this point we knew it wasn’t the flu and I needed medical attention. My primary care doctor took one look at me and sent me immediately to a specialist…the specialist took one look at me and immediately sent me to the emergency room.

The preliminary diagnosis was that I had some type of infection and I was in danger of becoming septic. At that point I had a 104 degree fever, intense pain and an elbow that was swelling like a water balloon.

From there, I wound up staying in the hospital for 8 days! For the first 4 days they couldn’t identify what the infection was. I had to see a hand/wrist specialist along with an infectious disease expert to try to figure out what was going on. I was told that I could lose my arm if the antibiotics didn’t start working soon.

It took multiple tissue samples from inside my elbow, multiple X rays and MRI’s, blood tests and lab work to finally figure out that I had a strep infection that entered my body through a small cut on my elbow. I was put on massive doses of intravenous antibiotics and painkillers in order to try to eliminate the infection. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, was in terrible pain and was a general mess for over a week.

All told I spent 8 days of my life in that hospital bed; lost 14 pounds and wound up with a hospital bill that ran over $54,000.00!!!

It was in a meeting with the infectious disease doctor that we realized I had contracted the bacteria the week before from my hockey equipment. I had played a lot of games in different rinks and locker rooms, my equipment never really dried out and my body and immune system were worn down from playing so much in one week.

I had a lot of time to think while lying in my hospital bed and it was there that I came up with the idea for Clear Gear Sports Spray. Three or four years ago, no one was sanitizing their hands and now you can’t find a sink, purse or kids knapsack without a bottle of hand sanitizer. I wondered why no one was killing the bacteria on their sports equipment.

When I was released from the hospital I ran the idea by two of my closest friends who happen to be very successful businessmen. The three of us formed the basic concept that would become Clear Gear Sports Spray.

Clear Gear is used to treat all manner of sports equipment, from football pads to yoga mats and everything in between. If your sport requires the use of any type of gear then you need Clear Gear. We have formed Clear Gear with one goal in mind: to help prevent you from going through the same thing that happened to me.

Our Mission

Clear Gear specializes in cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing protective safety equipment. Our goal is help athletes stay healthy, competitive and in the game. Clear Gear Team Member and All Star Professional Offensive Lineman and 2 time champion in New York , David Diehl, immediately saw the urgency for a disinfecting product designed especially for athletes.

Please take a few minutes to look around and find out what’s really going on under your pads and exercise mats. We’re confident you’ll find the right application of Clear Gear to fit your exact needs.

We Want to Hear Your Story

Had a battle with MRSA, Strep, or other infectious disease? Clear Gear wants to hear your story, and we may even feature you in an upcoming blog or social media post!


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