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Viruses and Germs in Military Equipment

The men and women who serve our great nation through the Armed Forces should be commended and celebrated for the courage that they show every single day. These brave souls travel the world and fight for our freedom no matter what the circumstances are that they face. Their mission is to serve and protect our country. They sacrifice so much to make that commitment and it is truly remarkable. Each day, our military come into contact with germs, blood, saliva and bacteria that can carry viruses as well as diseases that can cause major health issues. That is why to help protect those who look after us, Clear Gear Spray is here to assist.

Our military uses plenty of equipment each day, all of which is vulnerable to carrying germs and bacteria. When they travel overseas, they could come into contact with people who carry viruses that our soldiers are not used to. The job that they do is tough enough without having to worry about things like this, which is why keeping their gear disinfected is so important.

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Cleaning Military Equipment

Clear Gear Spray can be used on any and all equipment that the military uses from bed sheets to weapons as well as clothes, armor, shields, backpacks and plenty of other useful gear. Whether our men and women are working up a sweat or killed a blood-filled mosquito in a warm-weather environment, Clear Gear Spray can help to protect the gear, and the military who use it, from the problems that may arise from harmful bacteria. The goal is to keep the military healthy and protected, and this is a great step toward achieving just that.

Prevent Infections in Military Equipment

Disease and sickness can spread to everyone in the group if they are not careful. Clear Gear Spray stops the germs and viruses at their source so no one gets sick. Everyone can continue to worry about the next task or mission that they are assigned and less on their equipment. As long as our military is healthy, they can keep us safe and out of harm’s way as they always do.

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