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Viruses and Germs in Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are notoriously one of the nastiest places in the world of sports. In some cases, locker rooms are the one place where everyone comes to gather before and then after they are covered in sweat, dirt and often blood. One would be hard pressed to think of a more perfect portal to illnesses and infections than locker rooms. It doesn’t matter if you play football, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball or you run track: at in one point or another, you’ve spent some serious time in a locker room. When we think of all the bodily fluids and germs that have passed through a locker room, it can be pretty overwhelming and with so many infectious and communicable diseased today, it’s more important than ever that we heed the advice and recommendations of The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

Ignoring these recommendations can have devastating consequences. Just one open wound that contacts just the right bacteria, germ or virus can prove detrimental not only to the victim, but to anyone who comes in close contact with them. We see this happen too often with difficult to treat illnesses like MRSA, Staph and Herpes. Because MRSA and Staph can be difficult to treat, they’re capable of keeping an athlete “benched” for quite a while. It’s terrifying facts like these that will prompt anyone to take immediate action to keep their locker rooms and personal belongings clean and protected. Use Clear Gear Sports Spray to treat locker rooms as it’s specially designed to kill germs, viruses and bacteria that cause a variety of nasty illnesses and diseases.

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Cleaning Locker Rooms

If you do find yourself cut, take care of the wound immediately. Have a doctor or someone qualified look at it. Keep in mind that if you do suffer a visible or open injury, you will likely be barred from participating in any sporting event until you have been treated and cleared by a doctor or medical professional. There should always be extra care taken to keep playing areas such as courts or mats clean and free from bacteria or waste.

Locker should be regularly cleaned or treated using Clear Gear Sports Spray before and after you use them. At Clear Gear, we understand the goal of playing is to compete and enjoy yourself. Don’t hold yourself back with a preventable, drawn out and painful illness. Use Clear Gear Sports Spray and keep on playing.

Prevent Infections in Locker Rooms

Below are some suggestions that may prove beneficial in preventing the spread of communicable illnesses and diseases in locker rooms:

  • Clean your shower area or spray it down with Clear Gear Sports Spray before and after you shower
  • Clean or spray down your locker as well as your seating area with Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Wash or pretreat clothing or gear that you wore and ultimately sweated on
  • Clean and/or treat gym or workout bags using Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Clean all of your gear or machines used at your athletic facility and in your locker room (foam pads, handles, helmets, pads, guards, gloves, etc…) and allow them to dry thoroughly before next use
  • Don’t share towels or other personal items
  • Keep all cuts, lesions or abrasions clean, dry and covered

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