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Viruses and Illnesses in Protective Headgear

Protective Headgear is worn by many different types of athletes from hockey players and football players to baseball players and cyclists. Each of them working hard and sweating into this protective headgear all along the way. Sweat isn’t the only fluid that seeps into protective headgear and anyone who has ever watched twenty minutes of an ice hockey game can attest to that. Blood, dirt and a disgusting mixtures of the two can creep in without a moment’s notice making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. All it takes is just one small skin opening, cut, abrasion or lesion on the head or face and it has just created the perfect portal of entry for an infection such as MRSA or Staph.

MRSA, for example, as well as some infections can very quickly become aggressive and cause major game changers. In some unfortunate cases, sitting a few games out can be the least of your problems. These sort of facts would prompt just about anyone to take action in keeping their gear protected and clean. The use of Clear Gear Sports Spray to treat your protective headgear as well as your other gear is crucial as it is specially designed to kill germs and illness causing viruses and bacteria.

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Cleaning Your Athletic Helmets

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has long recommended that doctors, health care professionals and athletes take ample precautions to prevent the spread of communicable and infectious diseases. We see this risk increase among high school and college aged students and athletes as there is a spike in cases involving MRSA, herpes gladiatorum and impetigo.

If you do become cut, tend to the wound immediately and have a physician examine it, if necessary. Remember, if you have a visible or open injury, you’ll likely be barred from participating in any sport activity until you have been treated and cleared by a medical professional. It’s also advised to keep the playing fields, courts or mats clean and free from bacteria or waste.

Prevent Infections in Athletic Helmets

Some suggestions to help prevent the spread of these and other illnesses and diseases include:

  • Shower immediately after practice, games or competitions
  • Wash or pretreat any clothing or gear worn during the activity
  • Clean and/or treat gym or workout bags using Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Clean your protective headgear (as well as other gear: pads, guards, etc…) and allow them to dry thoroughly before next use
  • Avoid sharing protective headgear
  • Be sure to always keep all cuts, lesions or abrasions adequately clean and covered

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