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Viruses and Germs in Golf Equipment

Nothing is more relaxing than a good game of golf. Whether you are playing for pleasure or are out on the green for business, golf involves contact with several different pieces of equipment. Bacteria, germs and viruses spread easily as this equipment gets passed around, so it is important to know how to keep your equipment clean.

As you become exposed to potentially contaminated golf equipment, infectious skin diseases such as MRSA may emerge. This disease causes painful red bumps, usually accompanied by a fever. This can turn into painful abscesses that require surgery if left untreated. MRSA is resistant to almost all antibiotics. Fortunately, Clear Gear Sports Spray will disinfect and deodorize your golf equipment to help you stay clean and healthy as you enjoy the course.

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Cleaning Your Golf Equipment

Clean and disinfect your golf equipment with a Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray. Use the Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray Gallon to clean all your golf clubs and balls together at once. Soak a clean sponge or cloth in a bucket or container of Clear Gear to wipe down the inside and outside of your golf bag. Clear Gear Sports Spray will save you time and money by extending the life of your golf equipment.

Clear Gear offers a variety of great sprays to effectively clean your golf equipment including the Sports Six Pack, Athlete Package, Family Package and Mini Team Package. In addition to golf, Clear Gear can be used to clean equipment used for various other sports including football, baseball, ice hockey and wrestling. Parents can keep a bottle of Clear Gear in a sports bag when a simple application is needed after a practice or game.

As an EPA approved disinfectant and deodorizing spray, Clear Gear will kill the dangerous germs that cause infectious disease and illness. Contact us to learn more about how Clear Gear can reliably keep all athletes clean and safe.

Prevent Infection in Golf Equipment

Here are a few helpful tips that can help prevent disease and illness on the golf course:

  • Seperate the clubs, balls, and bag and treat everything with Clear Gear
  • Spray the inside and outside of your golf bag
  • Wash your hands after you’ve completed all 18 holes
  • Avoid sharing clubs with other players to avoid the spread of bacteria

Clear Gear for Golf

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