Viruses and Illnesses in Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing is a popular angling method that uses an artificial “fly” to catch fish. This is accomplished by using a fly rod, reel and a special weighted line. The lure used (the fly) weighs practically nothing so there is a different or special casting technique needed that is not found in any other form of fishing. Fly fisherman can fish in either fresh water or salt water for either warm water or cold water fish.

When we think of fly fishing, dangers from bacteria and skin diseases may never have come to mind, but the reality is that fly fishing shares many of the same dangers that other high contact sports do. Fly fishing waders, chest waders, hip boots, nets and other equipment used can easily become contaminated with bacteria or with slime from the water’s vegetation and fish byproduct.

With fly fishing (or fishing in general), you can easily spread bacteria and disease from one water source to the next killing vegetation and fish all along the way. You can also pose a threat to yourself and those close to you if a bacteria causes a skin disease such as Staph or MRSA. This can be extreme in some cases even causing death.

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Cleaning Fly Fishing Equipment

You should always make certain that you are cleaning and disinfecting your fishing equipment. This can also extend the life of your fishing equipment which is important considering the investment that equipment can be.

You will want to be sure that you clean and disinfect your boots, vests, nets, waders, lures and really just about anything that had a prolonged contact with the water. You can accomplish this by using a spray bottle of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray or the larger gallon size of Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray for bigger or more involved jobs including cleaning the bottom of the boat and waders. A clean sponge or cloth can be soaked in a bucket or container of Clear Gear and used to wipe down the inside and outside of waders. You can soak lures in a container of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray and rest easy knowing that its water based formula will be safe on finishes.

Prevent Infections in Fly Fishing Equipment

The following are some handy tips for cleaning boots, vests and waders:

  • Separate or dismantle ALL parts of waders including the insoles, socks, ankle guards, booties and even any laces and clean, spray or soak everything with Clear Gear
  • Spray the inside of the vest’s pockets as well as the inside lining
  • Wash your hands immediately after fishing or after handling any of your used fishing equipment
  • Avoid sharing your vests, boots and waders with others to cut back on any spread ofbacteria

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