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EMS Equipment

When someone is hurt or their health is in serious danger, we rely on our emergency medical service squads (EMS) to heal us and often times save us. Their jobs are some of the most stressful that anyone can face on a daily basis. It can literally come down to life and death every single day they are working. That is why Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics everywhere need to stay healthy and free of infection and bacteria. Clear Gear Sports Spray can help them do just that by keeping the gear they use on a regular basis clean and virus free.

Viruses and Illnesses in EMS Equipment

Each day, people who work as EMTs and paramedics have to be at their best in emergency situations when everything can be at stake. Sometimes, things like washing and cleaning gear that is used can be forgotten about with everything else that is going on. For EMS, it cannot be brushed aside. That is where Clear Gear Sports Spray comes in. Our spray can be used to eliminate germs, viruses and infections that are often left on gear. It protects the patients, medical staff and anyone else that might come into contact with the equipment.Unfortunately, those aren’t the only risks firefighters face each day. Because their job requires them to have close contact with the public, firefighters are commonly in contact with blood, saliva, germs and bacteria. Some of the bacteria are responsible for skin infections like Staph and MRSA as well as a host of other viruses and contagious diseases. Because of this, it’s imperative that firefighters keep themselves, their fire engines and their firehouses clean, disinfected and germ and disease free.

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Cleaning EMS Equipment

EMS teams use all types of equipment to treat, move and cure patients that could use the Clear Gear spray to help keep germs off of their gear. Stretchers, slings, padding, pillows, wheel chairs, etc. are used to help these people reach the hospital or be moved to a safe location so they can be treated properly. In order to keep that gear clean and usable, it needs to be rid of bacteria and dangerous germs that can make people sick in a hurry. This will be keep the patients that are treated by EMS from developing an illness, and the EMS squads healthy so they can do their jobs.

Prevent Infections in EMS Equipment

Along with regularly showering yourself and cleaning the equipment, Clear Gear can be helpful in keeping germs off of the gear that you use at your job. Cleaning this gear as much as possible is recommended, especially after a long day at the office. Whether you are saving lives or just trying to stay healthy with a good work out at the gym, Clear Gear can keep you protected from harmful germs.

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