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Safety of Correctional Officers

While locked up, prisoners need to be looked after to ensure the safety of a prison environment. With the threat of inmates trying to hurt others, cause fights, or even attempt to escape from the prison, there needs to be people put in charge to make sure they cannot attempt or complete those tasks. Those brave souls are correctional officers, who work in jails and make sure that prisoners are behaving in their assigned facility.

These officers are working long days with prisoners in some of the worst environments imaginable. It is clear that they will likely subject themselves to germs, viruses and possibly infections from the many people they interact with each day. Correctional officers rely on their gear to keep them protected, but often times this gear itself is hosting dangerous bacteria. This is why it is vital for correctional officers to clean their equipment such as their guns, vests, uniforms, and other gear to make sure they stay healthy.

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Disinfectant Spray For Correctional Officers

The officers have to guard some of the most dangerous people in the world and they need to stay healthy in order to be at the top of their game. Clear Gear Spray is a great way to achieve just that. By spraying the gear that they use on a regular basis, the officers will stay healthy, avoid sickness, and viruses will not be passed on to others. The last thing that we want is the families of these brave men and women to be sick as well because of germs picked up from the job. That should never happen, which is why washing and spraying the gear is vital to staying healthy.

Prevent Infections in Correctional Facilities

It takes a strong individual to work in jails every single day trying to protect the community. Clear Gear Spray can help to support those people, keep them healthy and keep them working for a long time. The spray has other uses as well such as eliminating the smell of sweat and the bacteria. That way you will smell fresh and your gear will last longer. Buy your Clear Gear spray today to stay protected!

Clear Gear for Corrections

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