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At the core of every athlete’s training program lies their chosen athletic facility. Whether it’s their favorite gym, local recreational center or high school or college gym, they’re there working hard and sweating hard along the way. In nearly every athletic facility, there are pieces of heavy machinery as well as portable items such as jump ropes and free weights. All of these items are shared and at the risk of sounding disgusting, most of them are not kept near a standard that that National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) would be proud of. When you consider the bodily fluids that are transferred onto the foam pads and mats, it’s no wonder that athletic facilities prove a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to grow. One small cut or abrasion on your body can act as a perfect portal of entry to a nasty infection such as MRSA or Staph.

Cases of MRSA as well as other infections can be very aggressive and cause significant challenges and complications. In the end, sitting a few games out may prove the least of your worries. Facts like these would prompt just about anyone to take some serious action in keeping their gear clean, protected and out of harm’s way. The use of Clear Gear Sports Spray to treat equipment and other gear at your athletic facility is crucial since it’s specially designed to kill germs and bacteria that cause a variety of illnesses and diseases.

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The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) consistently recommends that doctors and other health care professionals as well as athletes participating in athletics take ample precautions in preventing the spread of communicable and infectious diseases. It is a widely known fact that this risk is increased among high school and college aged athletes and there is a definite increase in the number of cases involving MRSA, herpes gladiatorum and impetigo among these groups.

If you are cut during an athletic event, take care of the wound and have a doctor or someone qualified attend to it, if necessary. Keep in mind that if you suffer a visible injury, you will more than likely be unable to participate in any sports events until you have been treated and cleared by a doctor or medical professional.

Below are some beneficial suggestions that can help prevent the spread of communicable illnesses and diseases:

  • Shower immediately after practice, games or competitions
  • Wash or pretreat clothing or gear that you wore and ultimately sweated on during the activity
  • Clean and/or treat gym or workout bags using Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Clean all of your athletic gear as well as any machines used at your athletic facility (foam pads, handles, helmets, pads, guards, gloves, etc…) and allow them to dry thoroughly before next use • Don’t share towels or other personal items
  • Keep all cuts, lesions or abrasions clean, dry and covered

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