Athlete’s Foot Prevention

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is an infection that occurs on the feet and sometimes the hands that is caused by fungus. The technical or medical term for Athlete’s Foot is tinea penis and it can be fleeting and last for a pretty short time or be chronic and require ongoing and repeat treatments. Athlete’s Foot is commonly seen between the toes or on the hands and between the fingers. Clear Gear Sports Spray is specially designed to kill the fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot and can be used in a variety of applications such as treating locker room and shower floors. This particular fungus thrives in warm and moist areas of the body making some people more susceptible to acquiring it.

People who may be prone to Athlete’s Foot include:

  • Athletes or the very active
  • Those who have wet feet wet for constant or long periods of time
  • Those who sweat profusely
  • Those who have skin or nail injuries

Stop The Spread of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is extremely contagious and is passed either through direct contact or indirectly by sharing shoes, socks or stockings. It is also common to contract Athlete’s Foot by walking on the same surfaces such as a shower stall or pool surface. Athlete’s Foot is never pleasant and often presents itself as cracked or flaking and peeling skin. It can also be red and painful similar to bee stings. If bad enough, it can lead to blisters that pus or become scab like.

In cases where the fungus spreads to your hands, your nails will likely be discolored, thick and uneven and may even flake right off. It’s not uncommon for Athlete’s Foot to occur simultaneously with ringworm and even jock itch.

There is no doubt that Athlete’s Foot can slow anyone down and is definitely something you don’t want. As with everything else, prevention is the best medicine and that is precisely where Clear Gear Sports Spray fits in by killing germs that can cause these and other infectious diseases and conditions.

Stop Athlete’s Foot in it’s Tracks

How to Treat Athlete’s Foot

If you find yourself unfortunate enough to miss the prevention phase this time, the following may be helpful:

  • Use an over the counter (OTC) antifungal powder or cream to help contain the infection and continue to use it for at least 1-2 weeks after your symptoms clear up
  • Keep your feet and hands dry paying special attention to in between your toes and fingers (this is especially true in athletics where you wear gloves and cleats)
  • Wash your feet and hands very well before and after exposure to warmth or moisture
  • Wear clean and dry socks and gloves
  • Change your shoes or gloves often or as needed
  • Use Clear Gear Sports Spray to avoid repeat incidents

If after all this, you still suffer from Athlete’s Foot, you may need antibiotics to treat any bacterial infections that may have resulted from scratching at the area. At Clear Gear, we believe that prevention is the best medicine and Clear Gear Sports Spray can help in the prevention of some of the most horrendous diseases and illnesses out there.

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