How to Get Ready For a Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse is such a unique sport that it requires getting ready for big games in a different way than usual. Lacrosse is growing in popularity, especially in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and is an exciting mix of a few different sports. Due to this uniqueness and the physicality of each and every game, you need to make sure you prepare correctly. You need to prepare by more than just throwing your stuff together and heading to the game. Correct preparation prevents injuries and leads to a higher level of performance on the field. Below we explain how one should get ready for a lacrosse game.

Hydration Is Necessary

Each player will have his or her own personalized pregame routines to what fits his or her style and desires. All lacrosse players develop pregame routines that helps prepare the body and equipment, and gets you ready to be competitive on the field. One thing that is constant between all players is to make sure that you hydrate plenty before each game. You need to make sure that you start hydrating for your lacrosse game at least 24 to 48 hours before game time, and make sure that it is mainly water you are using to hydrate. Many people think you need sports drinks to properly hydrate, but the muscles and tissues in your body needs to be saturated with water.

Check On Your Equipment

One of the most necessary things you need to do to prepare for every lacrosse game is to test all of your equipment to make sure everything checks out properly. More than anything, you want to check on your stick a full 24 hours before a game, especially the strings and tape on the stick. Replace or change either of these parts of the stick as needed. You also should pack your lacrosse bag way ahead of time and double-check, and triple-check that you have everything before you head to bed.

Nutrition and Rest

Another important aspect to the preparation for a lacrosse game is what you put into your body. You need to make sure that you eat a healthy and nutritious meal the night before your game. Make sure the foods you put into your body will give you energy, as well as important nutrients. Pasta, vegetables and proteins will meet those needs. You also should make sure that when you rise in the morning that you eat a healthy breakfast. You’ll want to load up on proteins, whole grains and fruit during breakfast to prepare your body for the game. Sleep also plays an important part in preparing for your lacrosse game. Make sure you get about seven to eight hours of sleep before game day.

Pre-Game Warm-up

Make sure you get to the field at least 90 minutes before game time. Use all of that time before the game to warm up, especially dynamic warm-ups, and talk strategy about the upcoming game with your teammates and coach. Keep your warm-ups dynamic instead of static, so that it doesn’t fatigue the muscles you’ll need throughout the duration of the game. Also, keep note of your hydration levels during the game and keep the hydration consistent during and after the game.

Cleaning Your Lacrosse Equipment

After you successfully prepare for your lacrosse game and play the game, your gear will be filled with dirt and sweat. If you want to make sure you properly clean your lacrosse gear, you need to have Clear Gear Sports Spray. It’s the only way to clean your lacrosse gear that is scientifically proven to work. Contact us today to learn more about our story.