Get Back in Shape for Baseball Season

Whether you believe baseball to be a physically demanding sport or not, in order to be successful in the sport you need to be in your best shape once the season rolls around. Considering the uniqueness of the sport, it doesn’t require the same type of training to get ready for the season as other sports. It is especially hard if you have not kept up with training throughout the offseason. Baseball training is so unique is because not only do you have to physically get back in shape, but you also have to practice baseball-specific drills and training. Below are our tips to get back in shape for baseball season.

Stretch All Muscle Groups

First things first before you get into any training or baseball drills, you need to stretch all major muscle groups. This will help stretch and warm up all of your muscles before you go through vigorous drills. You should also stretch before any workout, practice, or game so that your muscles stay limber and flexible – and you can avoid injury.

Have a Cardio Routine

You may not think you need cardio for baseball, but as previously stated, it will only make you a more successful player. Also, a cardio routine can help your speed, which is a necessity for baseball players. If you regularly jog, your cardiovascular fitness will improve and make you a better athlete. Long distance running is more important for pitchers looking to increase their stamina and time on the mound. Sprints should also be mixed into your routine for different aspects of the game such as tracking down a ball or stealing a base.

Throw and Catch Regularly

Playing catch is one of the most vital workouts you can do to prepare for a baseball season, and just as a baseball player in general. Get one of your friends and make it a regular aspect of your pre-season and in-season routine. It is so important because it stretches and strengthens muscles that you need for throwing and catching baseballs and you can also work on your form to help avoid any serious injury. Make sure that you mix in long tosses to really stretch out your arm and increase your stamina and throwing power. This practice will also increase your hand-eye coordination and accuracy.

Get Your Swings In

It’s a necessity, especially as a position player, that you get as many swings in as you can before the season starts up. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s in a batting cage off a machine or at live batting practice; you need to focus on getting your form and timing back to mid-season form. The one benefit of live pitchers is the arm angle and real-life quality, as they can throw off-speed pitches you may see during the game.

Improve Foot Speed

Another important thing you need to do before baseball season is get your foot speed back and improve on it. You can do this with agility drills such as jumping rope and using agility nets on the ground. Building muscle and developing quicker foot speed can help any baseball player regardless of whether you’re a position player or a pitcher.

Protecting Your Baseball and Workout Gear

It does not matter if you use fitness equipment or baseball gear to get ready for the upcoming season, make sure that you properly clean everything after use. Clear Gear Sports Spray is proven to fight germs and bacteria that cause illnesses, and diseases that form in your gym and baseball equipment. To learn more about our advanced sports disinfectant, contact us today or visit our online shop.