How to Prevent Common Hockey Injuries

With any contact sport, there is a high probability of sustaining an injury. These injuries can range from very serious to very minor, but everyone who straps on that helmet is at risk. Ice hockey is a unique contact sport, considering it is played on ice. Your lack of natural balance makes it even easier to get injured. Hockey has always been a violent sport that can leave a lot of people injured, but knowing what common injuries occur can help you prevent obtaining them.

Avoid Common Ice Hockey Injuries

Concussions in Hockey

The physical nature of the game makes a concussion the most common injury in ice hockey. Most concussions in hockey attribute to open ice hitting up against the board, but it is also possible for a slap shot to the helmet, if shot hard enough, to cause a concussion. You need to be smarter about when and how you decide to be physical. When applying or receiving a hit make sure that your technique is correct and you are not leading with your head. When trying to block a shot, try putting the backside of your body in front of the shot instead of the front or your head.

Shoulder Injuries in Hockey

Common shoulder injuries are usually torn rotator cuffs, separated shoulders and occasionally concussions. The best way to prevent these types of injuries is to make sure you have the proper technique. Additionally, you should make sure you do plenty of shoulder strength exercises before the season – since you will be using them a lot in the game.

Low Back Hockey Injuries

It is very common for ice hockey players to experience lower back problems throughout their careers. This is mainly a result of skating, because it is hard to keep perfect posture at all times while on the ice. You are naturally inclined to lean forward when skating, which causes stress on your back. The best way to prevent lower back injuries is to lift kettle bells and dumbbells to help build strength around the lower back.

Groin/Hip Injuries

Whether you are the best skater on your team or not, this is an injury everyone is susceptible to. Constant switch in positions and hurrying on and off the ice can easily cause a sudden groin or hip injury. Groins and hips are so crucial into the nature of skating that they can be injured very easily. You can prevent injury by obviously doing strengthening exercises, but also making sure you get a proper long stretch for each before and after every game and practice.

Protection From Cuts and Lacerations

There are many aspects and pieces of equipment in the game of hockey that can cause cuts and lacerations. They commonly appear on the head and face, but can happen anywhere on a hockey player. It is also very possible that you can exchange a mixture of blood from the cut and sweat with another player. If this happens you need to be prepared to protect yourself from infectious diseases that could come along with it. Clear Gear Sports Spray is designed to do exactly that and more. Our products are built to quickly and efficiently clean your ice hockey gear after and before it is used to avoid serious diseases from cuts or lacerations. Contact us today to learn more and get protected for your ice hockey season.