How to Prepare For Your First Yoga Class

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Yoga has become the workout of choice for a lot of people today it seems and there’s a reason for that. Yoga is not just an exercise that burns calories and builds muscle; it also is a full mind and body workout. The strength and stretching exercises that coincide with breathing and meditation leaves you in a better state of mind after a great workout. While this all sounds great, there is much to know to prepare for your yoga class so it is the best experience yet.

Yoga Preparation Tips

What Should You Wear?

You don’t have to wear anything much different than what you would wear for a regular gym session. Make sure that your attire is appropriate and comfortable so you are able to move freely in them, like yoga pants and a t-shirt. You must also keep in mind that it will get considerably hot and sweaty during the workout. Try not to wear anything that will restrict your movement so that you can optimize your workout performance.

What Should You Bring?

If the yoga facility or instructor does not provide it, the first thing you need to bring is a yoga mat. You can also bring blocks, blankets, pillows, bolsters or straps to help with your yoga class performance if you wish to. Most of this equipment is provided by the yoga facility, but bring your equipment just in case.

Tips Before You Go to Yoga Class

The first rule of thumb, before any yoga class, is to not go on a full stomach. A light snack before class is fine, but a full meal can hinder your performance and not give you the full mobility you need in class. Another great tip to follow is to always show up a little early to class. Yoga instructors like to get started right away, so make sure you give your self enough time to get there for class to get started promptly.

Tips for During Yoga Class

For any yoga class, there is always studio etiquette to follow. During yoga class, make sure your phone is turned off so notifications can’t disrupt the class. Also, make sure you take off your shoes before heading into the studio, as socks and bare feet are the yoga norm. Always be mindful of your fellow classmates as well during class, keeping conversation to a minimum and moving quietly around the studio.

What to Expect From Yoga Class

There are more than 100 different forms of yoga so every class can vary from fast-paced and intense, to gentle and relaxing. For the most part each class starts with some warm ups to get the blood flowing throughout your body. After you are warmed up, you will perform several poses, followed by different breathing techniques, cool down stretches and meditation.

Staying Clean is Key

A yoga studio can be a hot bed for different bacteria, causing illness and infections among participants. Due to bacteria hiding in yoga equipment, you should always make sure you clean your gear thoroughly and correctly so that harmful bacteria doesn’t infect you. At Clear Gear, we offer Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray to help you fight off bacteria on your yoga equipment, keeping you safe. Contact us today for more information on our disinfectant spray to keep your yoga experience the safest possible.