Fall into a New Workout Routine

Image via Pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, fall with its brisk weather and beautiful scenery, is the perfect season to get into a new workout routine. With the holiday season just around the corner, what better time to get into shape than the fall season?

Fitness Tips for the Fall

Get Outside

Take advantage of the weather while you still can. Fall has the perfect weather to be active outside since it is not too hot or cold. Also, the beautiful fall scenery makes it a great time to go for a hike and enjoy some fantastic views of the autumn foliage. Hiking and running trails are usually in prime condition in the fall and with the last of the nice weather on the way out, you should definitely get out, enjoy fall, and get an exercise in. A new season calls for new beginnings and fall is just that new beginning that you need to get going.

Create a Program

Fall is the perfect time to create a workout program for you to consistently follow before we get into the holiday season. School has started which will allow you to get into a routine no matter if you are still in school or not. When you create a program don’t give up on it, it takes about a month for a new routine to really kick in and get used to it. Fall is a great time to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. If you are a member at a gym or plan on joining one in the fall, creating and following a program should be easy for you.

Stay Motivated

Every person is unique, which means that different things motivate every person. Whether its simply just trying to get healthier, fit back into those old clothes, or you just want to look good at that big party, find a motivation and stick with it. You have to choose a workout that you really enjoy to keep you motivated day to day, so make sure you pick something that you will likely be consistent with. If you set goals and challenge yourself day in and day out, you will be motivated to keep it up.

Workout at Home

If you are a busy person, like most active people are, sometimes it can be a struggle to find a place and time to get a workout in. If you can’t get to the gym, there is nothing wrong with doing your workout at home. As long as you are breaking a sweat and exerting your body, you’re still getting a good workout in. Pump up the music or turn on your television, and get moving with the new season.

Stay Clean After Workouts

During practice or a game, make sure you always have first aid available to you. Always be prepared for an emergency at all times just in case something goes wrong at your practice or game. If you feel like you are injured or something isn’t right, listen to your body and go straight to your coach. Proper medical attention and readiness can help with serious conditions, such as concussions, fractures and/or dislocations.

5) Clean Your Field Hockey Gear

With a new workout program comes exposure to possible bacteria and diseases you can pick up from the gym, outside or by using other equipment. You must always make sure that you clean everything you use, especially if other people are also using it, or your skin is exposed to it. At Clear Gear, we have everything you need to make sure you stay clean and healthy in the fall fitness season. Check out which of our disinfectant sport sprays are right for you, and be sure to contact us today!