5 Tips For a Successful Football Season

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At the end of every summer and beginning of every fall, football fever sweeps the nation. Football has been and will be the most popular sport in America. There are multiple ways to prepare for the football season year round and during the season. Here are some tips to make sure you are in top physical and mental condition for the upcoming football season.

Tips For Your Best Football Season

Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy year round, during the season and off-season, is one of the easiest ways to keep your body in shape. You can start feeding your body correctly by simply substituting fruits and vegetables for fattening snacks. Another example is eliminating sugary drinks and adding more water. This is particularly helpful during the season to make sure you are at optimum hydration at all times. Aim for your diet to consist of balance, variety and moderation to improve your performance on the field.

Consistent Workouts

Working out is one of the most important factors that coincide with football. A common misconception is that you should only work out during the off-season, but this is untrue. You should also be working out during the season to keep peak physical condition throughout the year. A benefit to constant exercise is maintaining your weight, which is crucial for football season along with maintaining your muscle mass and body mass index. Additionally, exercise boosts your energy so during the season you can keep your energy levels up at a time when they are usually low.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although there is practice for football everyday throughout the week during the season, they are not always consistent in the off-season. Making sure you practice on your own time in the off-season is critical to your performance. Practicing can be something as simple as reviewing the playbook to make sure you are always in the right place at the right time, or a little more challenging such as going out and running routes, catching passes and running the ball. If your playbook is embedded into your brain and your technique is on point everything else on the field will come easier to you.

Recovering Your Body

For a successful football season, your body needs to recover. The best ability is availability and if you do not recover properly from practices, games and workouts you won’t be on the field much longer. Recovery sessions are made for you to relax, rest your body and to help you avoid injury. One way to make sure your body is recovering correctly is to stretch. Flexibility is one of the easiest ways to remain on the football field and stay healthy. Additionally, you should make sure you are hydrating properly and filling your body with ample protein to allow your muscles to rebuild and become stronger.

Keeping Your Equipment Clean

At any point in time during a football game, you can count on there being a good amount of blood, sweat or saliva found on you and your gear. Equipment such as shoulder pads, kneepads, thigh pads, helmets, rib pads, jockstraps etc. tend to become filled with sweat throughout football practices and games. In order to avoid possible bacteria lingering in your safety equipment and the spread of disease, your equipment should be cleaned, disinfected and deodorized. The easiest way to disinfect is to use Clear Gear Sports Spray to prevent disease-causing bacteria and being sidelined from the sport you love. Contact us today for more information on our revolutionary sports spray to keep you safe from viruses and germs.