Are Artificial Turfs Spreading Staph Infections?

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What are Staph Infections?

Staphylococcus (staph) infections are skin diseases caused by the spread of infectious bacteria commonly found on the skin or nose. These infections are usually minor; however they may become deadly if the bacteria enters your bloodstream, bones, joints, heart or lungs. Symptoms include skin redness and swelling, boils, painful rashes and Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. Treatment may include antibiotics and fluid draining. Unfortunately, staph infections spread more rapidly among athletes who play on artificial turfs.

The Danger of Artificial Turf

If you are a football or soccer player who plays on artificial turf, you may be at high risk of infectious diseases like staph. Artificial turf is meant to create a softer field that can protect players from injuries. However, this turf also contains crumb rubber infill that are scattered all around the field and often get stuck in the players’ shoes and under their fingernails. If another player leaves sweat or blood from an open wound on the field, a staph infection may develop after you leave the game covered in crumb rubber.

Stay Safe on the field

Athletes who play contact sports like football, hockey, wrestling and soccer are commonly exposed to infectious bacteria, viruses and germs. It is essential that athletes become aware of these risks and take the necessary steps to curtail the risk of becoming infected with a preventable disease. Here are 7 steps athletes can take to avoid becoming infected with skin diseases like staph.

  • Shower before and after games
  • It is essential that you shower before and after games to remove any dirt or sweat you’ve been exposed to during the game.

  • Do not share towels or other personal items
  • Make sure you dry yourself off with a clean towel when you leave the shower. Always use your own towels, shampoo, soap and other personal items.

  • Wear sandals in locker room areas
  • It’s important to wear sandals in locker room areas to prevent a foot infection.

  • Cover all cuts and scrapes
  • Keep all cuts, scrapes and lesions sufficiently clean and covered with a bandage until healed. This will block any germs form entering open wounds.

  • Play on real fields if possible
  • If you’re playing a limited contact game with friends for recreation without an organized sports league, play on natural fields. This will help decrease your risk of developing a staph infection or other infectious disease.

  • Prevent Blisters
  • Spray, pad or gel an area that regularly blisters to reduce infections.

  • Use Clear Gear Sports Spray
  • Disinfect and deodorize your sports gear before and after games using Clear Gear Sports Spray.

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