5 Reasons Football Players Should Clean their Gear Daily

Football is one of the most physical sports on the planet, and it is also one of the dirtiest. We are not talking about fouls or injuring people. Sometimes, NFL players can get so dirty they have to take a shower at halftime before the second half, in addition to after the game. That is why it is so paramount for players to clean their equipment between practices and games. Here are five reasons why football players should clean their gear daily.

5) It Keeps Your Gear in Top Condition

It may not be a top priority for football players, but you want to keep your pads and other gear in good shape so that you can use it again for many future games. Washing and cleaning your gear is essential to that – otherwise bacteria and germs will make themselves at home. If you take good care of your equipment, then you will be able to wear the gear longer and not have to constantly buy new cleats or other gear due to damage and grime.

4) Clean Gear Feels Better

Wet, muddy and soaked gear is uncomfortable to play in. Not only will it rub uncomfortably on your skin, but dirty gear coming into contact with an open wound is never safe. All that grime from your equipment will easily infect any broken surfaces on your body, which may become a serious health problem if not properly treated.

Image via Pixabay

3) Dirty Gear Smells Awful

Football is hard work and definitely makes all players, especially during those warm summer months. It is important to spray down the pads and get rid of that body odor smell. No one wants to have that smell linger around the house or even in the locker room after the game. If you cannot wash your gear, then at the very least spray it and get rid of the smell until you can get home to properly clean and disinfect.

2) Look Good, Play Good

Confidence plays a major factor in sports, especially when you get to high school, college and beyond. Looking good while you are playing is not the most important thing, but it certainly helps for some. That is why to at least start the game, have your uniform looking sharp and the gear you are wearing clean. Even clean off your cleats, gloves and helmet so we can see what team you play for in the game. The saying look good, play good is not the be all end all, but it can certainly help players feel good about themselves. That confidence could lead to good play on the field as well.

1) For Your Teammates

You might not care right after the game that your mouth guard, clothes, cleats, helmet, pads and other protective gear are dirty and smelly, but you will when you have to put them back on again. It is important to clean your gear not just for yourself, but for everyone else you interact with while you are on and off the field. Even your teammates who are fighting in the trenches with you will notice when you do not take care of your equipment. One quick way to take care of the smell is to spray your gear with Clear Gear. It will take care of that smell and bacteria, so that you remain safe and clean.