5 Ways to Prevent Staph at the Gym

Staph infection can happen in an instant. Athletes and people who go to the gym are at the highest risk of contracting staph infection. Often times, the staph bacteria will sit dormant on the skin. However, when someone gets a cut the bacteria will go straight to the blood stream- causing a severe and sometimes deadly infection.

While some people will read this and use it as an excuse to not go to the gym, fear not. There are steps that you can take so that you greatly reduce the risk of getting staph infection. There are five easy steps you can take to make sure you don’t get staph or other fungal infections. Follow these steps, and there will nothing to fear whenever you workout.

Clean the Equipment

Gyms usually emphasize cleaning the equipment, but make sure you do it as much as possible. Before and after you use any piece of equipment, including the exercise balls, yoga mats, free weights, and machines, wipe down and clean whatever it is you’re using. Equipment that hasn’t been cleaned properly is to blame for many cases of fungal infection, including staph. So make sure that you are cleaning and wiping down any and all equipment that you use.

When cleaning the equipment, it’s important to use a high quality disinfectant spray to make sure all of the germs are gone before and after use. Use Clear Gear disinfectant spray to wipe down the equipment. Clear Gear is safe on skin and is water based. Not only does it get rid of harmful germs and bacteria like Staph, but it gets rid of odors as well. It takes one step to spray and wipe, so it’s easy and safe to use. Use the Clear Gear spray on all the equipment that you plan to use during your workout. Make sure to wipe the equipment down again after use, to help the person who might use it next.

Don’t Share Property

From the time you were a kid, you were taught to always share with others. Well in this case, don’t share anything, unless you want to share staph with someone. Don’t ever use the same towel as someone. A lot of people bring their own yoga mats and towels with them. If you go to the gym enough times, it’s a great investment to make. Make sure you regularly clean your yoga mats as well. Over time, they can develop fungus on them.

Hop in the Shower…Immediately!

Try not to wait around in your gym clothes too long after you workout, especially if you’ve been using the gym equipment a lot. Try to take a shower as quick as you can. If you’re using the gym’s shower, don’t use the community soap, unless it is a shower gel. Try to bring your own soap if you plan to shower there.

While in the shower, make sure to wear shower shoes or flip-flops. Walking around barefoot in a public shower can lead to other problems such as athlete’s foot or staph infection if there’s a cut on your foot. Some gyms don’t clean their locker rooms as much as they should, so there’s even more incentive to cover your feet.

Think Twice about Taking a Dip

If you have a cut, bruise, or scrape, you might want to think twice before you go into a hot tub, pool, sauna, or steam room. Some germs actually thrive in hot water and can still get into your body. If you do decide to use those services, then make sure you take a shower afterwards. And of course, follow the rules above for the shower.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms

If you do go to the gym, and especially if you have a cut, bruise, or a scrape on your body, make sure to pay attention to your body and monitor its progress. If you see boils develop, redness of the skin, or rashes start to form, then you may have staph infection. Get treatment as quick as you can. Staph can lead to other deadly infections if not treated immediately.

If you follow these five steps, then you can work out without the fear of catching staph infection or any other fungal infection. Working out is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and shouldn’t be deterred by the germs that you can attract. Workout safely and be precautious about what you share with people, how you clean your body and equipment, and how you wash yourself afterwards, and you shouldn’t have any problem working out without catching staph! Order Clear Gear Sports Spray today to keep yourself “in the clear” from catching staph!