Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Summer Training for Your Best Football Fall

With the summer officially underway, you may or may not already be zoning in on the upcoming football season. Bringing your “A” game is more than just giving it your all on the field, it’s a number of factors that occur off the field, as well. That’s why, if you want to make the most of your game come fall, following an extensive training program now is critical. Adhere to the following game plan to ensure you aren’t the one dropping the ball.

Train Speed

Whether part of the offensive line or defensive end, a running back or wide receiver, it’s no secret that speed is a game changing element when it comes to football. In order to improve your game, you need to improve your speed. Sprint training is recommended at slow speeds, in order to transfer most effectively to maximum speeds. Reaction speed drills can help players train in efficiently gaining speed from a variety of starting positions and changing directions quickly, both crucial components for a game that involves recovering the ball. Plyometric exercises are also great to incorporate sparingly, about once a week to allow proper recovery, in order to build strength for powerful movements on the field.

Boost Strength

Like speed, strength is something that all football players need to be trained in, no matter their position. The best training plan will focus on strength training in the off-season, maintenance during the in-season, and rest during the transitional phase in between. The ideal combination will include four distinct types of training: functional, to condition the body in an unstable environment, hypertrophy, to increase the size of individual muscle fibers, maximal, to increase peak force generation, and power, to develop fast twitch muscle fibers for explosive movements.

Increase Endurance

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In a game that’s dictated by the blow of the whistle, players need to be ready to see every play through. This requires endurance in all muscles in order to continue going strong. Practicing drills aimed at increasing your endurance will allow your muscles
to work at their optimal rate of exertion for longer periods of time. The most advantageous way to attain muscle endurance is to integrate challenging movements into standard running exercises. Barrier sprints, alternating backpedaling, carioca, and shuffling, or a mix of jump roping techniques are two great options.

Fuel Up

Many athletes underestimate the significant role proper nourishment plays in their training program. If you are not fueling your body right, you’ll work harder to see less results, in addition to increased risk of injury or damage to your body. v optimize performance, make sure your intake is providing sufficient nutrients for your energy expenditure by consuming adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Timing is also a crucial element. Complex carbs before any type of training will provide lasting energy to burn, while liquid protein post workout will contribute to efficient muscle recovery and lean gains. During activity periods, players should stay hydrated with a sports drink that contains between four and eight percent carbohydrates, to assist in energy maintenance.

Recover Right

Allowing time for recovery in your training schedule can vastly impact the progress you make. Including active rest days in your workout and practice regimens can prevent insomnia, a suppressed immune system, extreme muscle soreness, fatigue, and injury. Warm up and cool down stretches can greatly reduce your risk of getting hurt. When even a minor injury or illness can be detrimental to your performance, you want to take every precaution necessary to stay in the game. A combination of substantial nutrition and sufficient recovery can prevent ailments that will leave you down for the count.

Stick With It

It Incorporate these strategies, and you’ll be sure to notice improvements in every facet of your performance. While you’re training hard, don’t forget that all that effort will be worthless if an illness takes you out of the game. When your exerting maximum effort, your equipment is harboring bacteria that can cause viruses, infections, and serious health conditions. To clean, disinfect, and deodorize, spray down equipment after every use with an antimicrobial sports cleaner. Try Clear Gear Sports Spray to keep your equipment clean, your training strong, and your game on point.