Clean Wrestling Mats and Skin Infections

Are you always practicing and competing on clean wrestling mats? Can you honestly say that your wrestling uniforms are spotless and that you wash your hands a few times a day? If you’re a wrestler, then chances are you may have answered no to one or all of these and if it’s any consolation, you wouldn’t be alone. It’s difficult for athletes like wrestlers to stay as clean as they need to be and this makes acquiring an infectious skin disease like MRSA or Staph all the easier for them.

This is especially true with wrestling as it’s one of the highest contact sports there is with blood and sweat being mainstays. Becoming injured is par for the course with wrestling and skin diseases are extremely common.

Making sure that you are on a clean wrestling mat every time you wrestle is important. Wrestling mats should be cleaned before and after each match to ensure that every opponents sweat and other fluids are adequately removed and that the wrestling mat is properly cleaned. However easy this sounds, it’s not always realistic especially when you consider the fast pace of matches and tournaments. Wrestlers should also take care in keeping their uniforms, wrestling shoes and any wrestling pads or gloves clean and germ free by treating them with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray before and after every practice or match. It’s THE chosen Wrestling Mat Cleaner of the WWE.

Below are some tips to help wrestlers stay clean and skin disease free:

– Try to keep your hands clean by frequently washing with soap and hot water

– Shower as soon as possible after matches and practice

– Avoid sharing personal items including water bottles, razors, uniforms and towels

– Keep your wrestling uniforms and pads clean by using Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray in between washings

– Keep any open wounds, cuts, laceration and abrasions clean, dry and covered

– Don’t ever let someone else touch your wounds or injuries unless they are a trained medical professional

– Be sure to keep your locker clean and never store wet or moist wrestling clothing inside your locker or gym bag

Because we can never predict when an infectious skin disease will strike, it is always a good idea to practice common sense and safety when dealing with your wrestling mats and wrestling gear. Being proactive can help ensure that you and everyone else stays healthy and in the game.