Arizona Interscholastic Association Tested Wrestlers for Skin Infections

No chances were taken Valentine’s Day weekend as the Prescott Valley, AZ Division III and IV doctors tested wrestlers for skin infections before being allowed to compete in the state championships. This move comes on the heels of a massive outbreak that sidelined over fifteen of their wrestlers in the past few weeks alone.

This meant that this time around there were 800 wrestlers screened in total and not all of them made the cut. The mandatory testing came out of the association’s desire to stop this outbreak before it gets any worse. There were also doctors on hand to examine each of the wrestler’s skin to look for any potential warning sign or early signs of an infection like MRSA or Staph.

The doctor made the wise decision to test all the wrestlers after he disqualified a few wrestlers from competing who had skin issues including lesions that he was concerned about. One of the wrestlers was disqualified for a spot on his neck from ringworm treatment that hans’t fully healed yet.

Some of the wrestlers noted that they were examined extremely close and diligently. They said any little red mark, however tiny, was an automatic send over to the doctor for a thorough exam. They also noted that there were “a ton of kids at the doctor today.” Granted, many of these red bumps or skin issue will turn out to be completely benign, but it is far better to be safe than sorry and fifteen wrestlers out with infections in such a short amount of time is certainly cause for concern and mandating mass testing was a good call on the doctor’s part.

However, not everyone was pleased with the tests including Prescott Conway, a senior at Williams Field High School who was number one in the state in his weight class. Since these mandatory screenings, he was forced to give up his spot and thus give up his bid to win state. He believes winning state would have opened up so many opportunities for his future and now he’s essentially been robbed of the chance since he graduates this year. Player’s who advance to the next competition will undergo the same skin checks and examinations.

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