Six Staph Infections on Prescott’s Wrestling Team Force Them to Withdraw from Tri-City Meet

It’s a tough pill for the coach to swallow when he has to deal with staph infections on Prescott’s wrestling team. It becomes concerning when two wrestlers get it, but it becomes down right baffling and scary when six wrestlers on the same team contract staph infections all virtually overnight. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to the Prescott wrestling team and it forced them to drop out of Wednesday’s tri-city area dual against Bradshaw Mountain and Chino Valley at Chino Valley’s High School.

As of Wednesday, there were six staph infections on Prescott’s wrestling team. Staph is a group of bacteria that is responsible for causing a number of different complications by attacking the body’s tissue. Doctor’s believe that it is likely not the actual bacteria that cause the damage or disease, but instead it’s damage to skin or other injuries that ultimately lead to a staph infection.

Prescott’s Athletic Director, Mark Goligoski, cautioned the other wrestler’s parents to watch for preliminary warning signs or symptoms that may indicate their child also has the infection. The other six players are currently being treated with antibiotics and resting. According to Goligiski, all the areas that are shared by the wrestling team are being sanitized. This includes dirty wrestling mats, wrestling locker rooms, as well as their showers and general shower area.

In a case like this, it’s hard to pinpoint where the staph was first contracted or who it was that contracted it. The best thing to do now is to be proactive and disinfect all of the wrestling areas, keep the infected wrestlers on antibiotics and keep a close eye on the wrestlers who have not tested positive at this point.

In addition, the school’s soccer team was asked to empty out their shared lockers out so they may be sanitized as well to air on the side of caution. Neither team will be able to return to action before some wrestling mat cleaner and locker room disinfectant is applied.


The following are some helpful hints designed to keep you in the clear during wrestling season:

– Never share any personal items with anyone: no towels, water bottles, combs, soaps, razors, drinks, etc…

– Avoid contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having staph or MRSA

– Always keep your cuts and lesions clean, dry and covered and never let anyone other than a medical professional handle them

– Shower as soon as you can after practice and/or matches and meets

– Be sure you are stepping onto a clean wrestling mat and that when your step off it, it is being cleaned for the next round of wrestlers