This Year’s Influenza Outbreak is No Joke: Taking Precautions is Vital

This year’s influenza outbreak in no joke and what makes it all the more terrifying, is that it seems to be attacking some very young and perfectly healthy people. The CDC has officially declared that the deaths that resulted from this year’s pneumonia and influenza were enough to reach the epidemic stage.

The idea that seemingly younger and stronger people are this flu’s favorite victim may have to do with what some experts speculate boils down to immunity in the older population. They are speculating that perhaps 30 or 40 years ago, this same flu strain struck and these older people have simply built an immunity to it.

The worst cases have been reported in the more southern states with Texas being hit especially hard. Thirty nine other states are also reporting fatal cases. Parkland Hospital’s, Dr. Paul Pepe explained that influenza is very serious and can even be lethal based on an individual body’s response to it. This is especially true when the virus attacks someone with another medical condition such as a weakened heart or a respiratory problem. Many people do not even know that they have these underlying conditions until it is too late. This influenza strain is so taxing on the system that it can seriously compromise healthy organ function. If it becomes bad enough, it can bring on full organ failure.

Still, despite all we know about the benefits of regularly receiving flu shots, many people still choose to skip them citing the vaccine’s inability to properly pre-predict the exact strain it needs to defend. Dr. Pepe stresses that getting your flu shot is still the single best line of defense in fighting the flu. He cites that the flu vaccine can typically protect between 60%-70% of everyone who receives it. He puts this as he would rather have a 60%-70% of NOT getting the flu than a 100% chance of probably getting it.

Collin County health officials reported two new deaths on Friday and Dallas County reported nine flu-related deaths the same day.

Another way that you can keep yourself and your family protected is by keeping your body, your personal belongings as well as any other surface you come into contact with clean and germ free. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a specially designed disinfectant like Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray. Clear Gear is much more than just for sports gear. You can spray down doorknobs, cabinet handles, toilet handles, desks, tables, clothing: virtually anything that may have come in contact with a virus or bacteria that can cause influenza or pneumonia.