How to Clean Fitness Equipment

The cold winter months are just as popular for gym goers as they are for nasty cold and flu viruses. This is why it is so important that you clean fitness equipment regularly to keep everything you use clean and germ free. To accomplish this, your best bet is to pack a travel sized bottle of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray in your gym bag or keep it in your gym locker. This way, you can simply spray any place where your skin or sweat may make contact with a machine.

When we think of all the machines we hop on and off of during our workout, the germ potential really adds up. Between the treadmills, rowing machine, stationary bikes, weight benches, elliptical machines, dumbbells, leg press and extension machines, there are countless surfaces where bacteria and germs can live.

This seems like a simple enough plan, but all too often, athletes rely on the gym’s staff to complete all the maintenance on the machines. If you have ever been to an busy gym, then you know that it is extremely rare for gym staff to clean every machine after each use. In other words, if they clean them, great, but don’t just rely on that method as your only method of protection. The cold weather brings some harsh viruses and cold strains: arguably the worst communicable illnesses occur in the winter. In the US, flu season typically peaks in January and February, but some years are worse than others. This particular flu season started in October in many parts of the country and is predicted to linger until May. Terrible news for those who don’t like germs.


Since the very idea of going to the gym or fitness center is to work out, gyms are in a very unique situation. Essentially, they’re one of the few places were the goal is to open your pores and break a good sweat which also makes it an ideal place to pick up a virus, bug or even worse: a skin infection like MRSA, Staph, herpes gladiatorum or impetigo. It’s not uncommon to see people drape their towels over the handle of the treadmill or off the side of the stairclimber. Some people even use a towel between them and the handles, which is a great idea until you use the same towel to wipe off your face.


The following are some helpful tips and solutions so you can enjoy your workout without all the worry:

– Shower or bathe immediately after working out

– Wash or pretreat clothing, socks and shoes that you wore during your workout

– Wash your towel or soak it in Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray

– Clean and spray the inside of gym bags with Clear Gear Sports Spray and be sure to let them dry before refilling

– Clean or spray down any machine you use including treadmills, stair climbers, free weights, etc. before and after each use

– Pay special attention to spraying the foam padding on handle bars where germs and bacteria are more easily absorbed

– Always keep cuts, abrasions or open wounds clean, dry and covered