Third Confirmed NFL Case of MRSA May Actually Prompt Cancellation of Sunday’s Buccaneers vs. Eagles Game

A press conference was held tonight with infectious disease specialist, Dr. Deverick J. Anderson and Buccaneers GM Mark Dominick to discuss the third recently confirmed case of MRSA in the NFL. is reporting the player to be Bucs CB, Johnthan Banks. Dominick stressed that both he and Dr. Anderson have been and still are readily available to address and answer any questions that any of the Buccaneers’ players may have regarding the unsettling news. Dominick also though it was important that they do the same for the press by allowing some Q&A time tonight. Dominick confirmed that at least one unnamed player had come forward requesting an evaluation, but luckily preliminary tests indicated that the player tested negative for any strain of MRSA.

What’s even more interesting is that Dr. Anderson indicated that there was no connection between the MRSA infections found in Lawrence Tynes and Carl Nicks. This comes one day after the confirmation that Nicks’ MRSA infection has in fact returned. The lack of connection is what perhaps makes the whole story even more unsettling because this opens up the fact that there are not only different strains of MRSA present, but also different ways of acquiring it. Dr. Anderson was also quick to pointy out that the presence of MRSA in everyday situations is actually quite common, however, it is in situations were injuries and openings in the skin are more common, such as in football, where the odds of acquiring it can skyrocket.

While neither would confirm of deny any players in particular, Dominick stressed that the players’ safety was paramount. While there is currently no need to test every player for the MRSA infection, they are paying particularly close attention to any player that has been recently injured or that is tending to open wounds and cuts. Any player showing any signs or symptoms of MRSA will be tested immediately and proper precautions will be taken. There is even rumor of the Buccaneers and Eagles game being called off as a safety precaution.

Dr. Anderson stated that he has toured the Tampa facility and watched practice and has concluded that he can see no apparent reason to why the cases are concentrated in MRSA. Addition and undisclosed types of testing will be carried out. 

They also added that any player who is concerned for their own safety and well being will not have to take part in any activities that they do not feel comfortable participating in. Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray understands and empathizes with the sensitivity of the situation. Protection remains the best prevention. We will be following the situation closely, so stay tuned for updates.