How to Clean Yoga Mats

We’ve explored how challenging yoga is in the past, so now we’re going to focus on why it’s so important to keep a clean yoga mat as well as how to clean a yoga mat. It usually takes one being in a classic cobra position with your nose buried into your mat to realize exactly how dirty and smelly it can be. Most yoga practitioners will admit that they don’t take proper care of their yoga mats. Many say that it’s only when they are aware that there has been a fair amount of sweat exposure that they will even attempt to clean it. Even in these cases, cleaning can mean simply hanging them to dry, or in lucky instances, hosing them down with cold water before hanging them.

At least in these situations, people are trying! However, cleaning a yoga mat, or should I say properly cleaning a yoga mat is just a tad more involved than a hose down and hang dry.  The good news is that it’s not difficult at all to keep your yoga mat fresh, clean and looking like new for years to come because let’s face it With yoga mats, there are tiny pores on the surface that are ideal traps for bacteria. The more sweat and heat that comes in contact with them, the more prone they are to dangerous skin infections like staph and MRSA. We often make matters worse by wrapping or rolling them up when we’re finished allowing for practically no air circulation.

The proper way to clean a yoga mat is with a little care, time and the appropriate disinfecting and cleaning supplies so you will need a spray bottle of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray (or the larger gallon size of Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray for larger of more stubborn jobs) and a clean cloth or clean sponge. Be sure that the yoga mat is unwrapped and completely flat. You may also wish to hang your mat up, such as on a clothesline or any suspended line so that air can freely circulate. You can also use a clean, dry bathtub to stretch the mat out in. 

New or newer yoga mats often have a thin protective layer on them and you will know this by simply feeling the mat. Yoga mats should be somewhat sticky helping to prevent slips and slides as well as to give you a helping hand during some of the more challenging poses. You may find that the most effective way to remove this film is to either throw your new mat in your washing machine or apply a little mild detergent and elbow grease.

Next, and for maintenance cleaning, you will want to make sure that the mat is dry: no water or sweat. Then you can soak the clean cloth or sponge with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray and wipe it down or you can simply spray and walk away allowing the mat to air dry. This method is ideal for maintenance cleaning while a more concentrated method is needed for caked on or soaked in bacteria, germs and smells. Be sure to never use harsh chemicals or bleach as they may destroy or wear down the mat’s surface over time. Since it is water based, Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray is safe to use on just about every material.

Be sure that you allow the yoga mat to completely dry before folding it or rolling it up for the next use. Spray or apply Clear Disinfectant Sports Spray to the yoga mat after each use and you’ll be certain that your mat is clean, disinfected and smelling fresh every time you use it.