How to Clean Police Equipment and Keep it Germ Free

If you stop and think about some of the most dangerous professions, being a police officer is bound to rank high. Recently there has been a spike in cases of MRSA among police, and the job is more dangerous than ever. This means that keeping our police clean and germ free is also more important than ever. In addition to the risks of being injured, stabbed or shot on any given work day, police officers must also make contact and touch people or suspects on a regular basis.

Often their jobs require fast action and quick thinking, They may be alert to the obvious signs of blood and approach a situation with gloves, but what about someone who has a MRSA pimple on the inside of their elbow? They may not even be aware that they have it. This is why it is more important than ever to make sure that police officers, their uniforms, bullet proof vests, hats, handcuffs, patrol cars and all of their other equipment is clean and germ free.

Another risk of contracting MRSA for police officers is due to their considerable interaction with intravenous drug users and those who are homeless or not able to practice the type if hygiene that is necessary to help keep away infections like MRSA and Staph.

Protective armor and bulletproof vests are essential equipment for police officers. Many officers, especially those working on S.W.A.T (special weapons and tactics teams) wear helmets or head gear with chin straps. Any police officer will tell you that their job is high stress and demanding. Couple that with adrenaline and any kind of weather and you have a recipe for both excessive sweat and odor. Since bulletproof vests and clothing are made with special materials such as Kevlar, harsh detergents, chlorine and bleach cannot be used as they can damage and disintegrate the material over time.

Prison personnel also understand the importance to stay clean and germ free working in such densely populated facilities like state and county prisons. Their equipment is also sensitive to harsh or abrasive cleaners.

Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray knows the potential danger that police officers and prison personnel face everyday, and this is why we are proud to offer safe and effective protection to the Potomac Highlands Regional Jail in Augusta, West Virginia as well as to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office in Waterford, Michigan.

Clear Gear’s formula is water based and safe to use on clothing, uniforms and other personal protective gear. Prevention is always the best medicine so practicing the following tips regularly can help you to stay germ and disease free:   

-Get into the habit of washing your hands with antibacterial soap

-Wear latex or rubber gloves whenever you are unsure of a situation’s potential danger or risk  

-Try not to shake hands or have any skin to skin contact unless you know the situation is safe

-Hang sweaty, bloody or dirty uniforms to air dry and then take the proper steps to clean and disinfect them by either spraying them down and allowing to dry or by soaking in a larger application of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray      

-Do not share any of your police equipment (i.e., handcuffs). It’s easier to keep things clean and under control when you can keep track of where they’ve been

-Do not eat or drink anything until you are clean or at the very least, have washed your hands with antibacterial soap

-Do not forget to spray down the interior of patrol cars regularly. The back seat especially is a haven for germs and bacteria. Just allow to thoroughly dry before next use