How to Clean Hockey Gear in No Time At All with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray

For an athlete, few things can compare to actually having clean hockey gear. As all our loyal readers know by know, at Clear Gear, we love all things hockey. This is precisely why we understand how important it is to keep all of your hockey gear clean, smelling fresh and free from germs, viruses and bacteria.

This may all sound like a no brainer, after all who would knowingly walk around with funky hockey gear attached to them? Well, it’s not exactly so cut and dry and many times it’s when we think we’re clean that we’re actually dirtiest. Think about it for a minute, hockey gear and hockey pads are bulky and cumbersome and this fact alone can explain why some people are prone to simply taking them off, air drying them and then giving them a quick spritz of a bargain deodorizing spray. It’s ok to admit it, we’ve almost all been there. It may help the stench temporarily, but it won’t be long until that dreaded dry sweat smell makes its way yet again to the surface and then you’re back at square one, only now with more bacteria than before and this is no good for anyone.

That funky stench is actually coming from bacteria that has grown as a result of all your hard work on the ice. Left untreated for too long and you may need more than just a new set of pads. Bacteria can also easily spread amongst players and this becomes an even more serious problem.

The following steps are designed specifically with cleaning hockey gear in mind:

-The first step is to allow all of your hockey gear, hockey helmet included, to air out in a cool, dry and well ventilated area. Think mudroom, laundry room or specially designated area in the locker room. This includes emptying your entire hockey bag and allowing all of the equipment and contents to air dry. Bacteria can spread by proxy, so don’t take any chances: better safe than sorry.

-Hanging equipment to dry is always better than lying on the ground or on a table. Just remember, the greater the ability for air to flow through, the better. Never allow anything to air dry in a closed locker or other small space.

-Next, you will want to fill a bathtub, basin or large sink with the gallon sized Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray and allow the hockey pads to soak in the disinfecting and bacteria killing goodness for at least a half hour. Be sure you manually submerge all of the pads to ensure all of the surfaces are treated.
-Next, drain the solution and hang up your hockey pads to air dry. Once dry, you may also give another spray and walk away treatment to maximize freshness and keep your gear looking brand new.

-Since your hockey bag is empty, now is the perfect time to either turn in inside out (to expose the corners where bacteria love to live) or take a clean Clear Gear Soaked cloth and wipe it down. You can also spray the inside and allow to air dry, but the most important part is to avoid filling it back up until it is completely dry.

-When disinfecting your helmet, you want to take great care to treat all the nooks and crannies. The best approach here is to soak a towel in Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray and wipe the entire helmet down. Don’t forget the face mask and chin cup. You may wipe it dry or allow to air dry. Once it has dried, it’s a good idea to apply one more spray and walk away treatment as well.

-Don’t forget about your skates! Wipe off the blades as well as the holders of your skates. Remove the skate’s liners and hang to air dry. With the liners out, spray the insides well. You can then soak the liners in Clear Gear or spray them down and allow to air dry. You’ll want to spray the inside of your skates after each use to keep bacteria at bay.

-You want to make sure that your gear is regularly maintained, paying particular attention to the inside of the skates and helmets. Spray all of your hockey gear regularly, and follow the above steps once every week or as often as necessary. Your jerseys and socks can be thrown into the washing machine and this should also be done after every use.

Since you will be soaking your equipment, you want to be sure to allow yourself enough air dry time so the night before a big game, may be cutting it close. Following these easy steps will greatly reduce the risk and the funk. Stay clean and stay on the ice with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray.