How to Clean Fishing Waders and Other Equipment

It may be something that never crossed your mind before but making sure you have clean fishing waders, chest waders, hip boots, nets and other equipment is more important than ever. It’s probably because we think of fishing to be a generally non contact or low contact sport, so what could possibly need disinfecting? The truth is that with fishing, the dangers and potentials for contracting dangerous bacteria lie literally, beneath the surface.

There’s also something that is very unique to fly fishing or fishing in general and that is you take everything with you and often times this means transporting different bacteria, fungi, algae, parasites and other invasive species from one body of water to another. These “hitchhikers” can be transported by rods, reels, lures, waders, boots, other apparel and gear and even boat bottoms.

This is why it is so important for anglers to keep their fishing equipment clean and disinfected. We all need to be conscious and active in protecting our streams, ponds, lakes and other bodies of so we can ensure that future generations of anglers will enjoy the same waters and sport that we do. Some even refer to this effort as aquatic biosecurity.

You will want to be sure that you clean and disinfect your nets, waders, lures and really just about anything that had a prolonged contact with the water.  To do this you can either use a spray bottle of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray which is ideal for in-between maintenance as well as for initial cleaning or the larger gallon size of Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray for bigger or more involved jobs including cleaning the bottom of the boat and waders. A clean sponge or cloth can be soaked in a bucket or container of Clear Gear and used to wipe down the inside and outside of waders.

The following are some handy tips for cleaning boots, vests and waders:

– Start by turning your waders inside out. If your waders have detachable gravel guards, separate them. Spray, clean or soak all surfaces with Clear Gear. Once your waders have dried, turn them right side out again and repeat the process on the exterior of your waders

– Spray the inside of the vest’s pockets as well as the inside lining

– Wash your hands immediately after fishing or after handling any fish or your fishing equipment

– Avoid sharing your waders with others to cut back on any spread of bacteria