Yoga: It Will Make You Sweat

This writer would challenge anyone who thinks that Yoga is easy, to participate in just one authentic yoga class and report how they feel two days later. When done correctly, yoga is an art, a physical and mental state of being that can take weeks, months, if not years to master. Recent studies indicate that over 16 million Americans practice yoga and are you ready for this: they also spend nearly $6 billion (that’s billion, with a “b”) on yoga gear each year.

It could be the philosophical principals of yoga that are based in tapping into and maximizing physical and spiritual well being that trick people into thinking that yoga is simply a series of stretches and poses. Almost relaxing and certainly not exerting. Make no mistake: yoga is difficult and when you’re doing it correctly, you will certainly need to maintain a clean yoga mat which will likely have as much sweat on it as your average wrestling mat. This means that keeping a germ free and disinfected yoga mat is just as important as keeping a clean wrestling mat. Anytime we sweat or exercise, we run the risk of contracting some serious skin conditions and diseases such as MRSA or even athlete’s foot.

Because of this, it’s important to disinfect all of your yoga gear before and after each use. When you consider that nearly $6 billion dollars is spent annually on yoga gear, yoga mats and proper yoga clothing, it makes perfect sense that you should disinfect and clean your gear to keep it looking and feeling new longer. Yoga gear, yoga mats and yoga clothing don’t come cheap either and Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray knows this which is why our formula is water based and easy on the skin. It won’t fade, damage or slowly destroy the fibers of the breathable cotton like other disinfectant sprays will do over time.

Hot yoga is a form of yoga that has recently gained enormous popularity in the US and  focuses on practicing yoga in hot rooms where the intentional humidity is said to maximize and stimulate circulation. While this may be true, the conditions are similar to that of a sauna and like saunas, these room, the yoga gear and yoga mats should be sanitized regularly. Another yoga trend is all male classes that are quickly being dubbed “Broga.” these classes are intense and many of the participants claim the intensity rivals any traditional workout they’ve had. This seems to bring the eternal question of whose responsibility is it to keep yoga studios and yoga gear clean and disinfected? Do we let it up to the studio owners and employes to do this for us? If I tell you that the latest hot yoga trend is done completely naked, possibly in the same studio where your class follows, would you feel comfortable exercising on the same floor? Fortunately, Clear Gear now offers a one gallon sprayer designed to marry our one gallon product size, so tackling larger jobs like disinfecting the yoga studio floor are simplified to a simple spray and walk away. However, knowing the intensity of yoga first hand, I prefer to control what and when I disinfect, so I keep the personal sized spray bottle in my gym bag all the time. When it comes to yoga, sweating isn’t optional, it’s optimal, so keep your favorite Clear Gear product on hand and melt away.