Clean Football Pads: Here’s How with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray

Besides playing an awesome game, there are few things that should be more important to a football player than having clean football pads and disinfected football gear. We hear about why this is important all the time and recently, we find ourselves in the middle of some nasty and public struggles with superbugs like Staph and MRSA. What we don’t hear or read about as often however, is exactly how to clean football pads and football gear, so we decided to offer some of our specifics when it comes to clean football gear.

First, above all, you’ll want to make sure that the player inside the football pads, helmets and uniforms is clean to start. Cleanliness is the mortal enemy of bacteria, viruses and germs. Maintaining regular and proper hygiene, catapults you to a solid start out of the gate. This is easily accomplished with showering every day (twice, if you need to) as well as carrying around a travel size disinfectant spray like Clear Gear’s 4oz. spray bottle that fits neatly in a gym or other carry around bag.

As for cleaning football equipment, you want, rather need to do this regularly to prevent any potential germ or superbug from taking up residence in your personal space. Even if you’ve been lucky so far, don’t take any chances. Be certain that your football gear is clean every time you get dressed.

How to Keep Football Shoulder Pads and Other Football Pads Clean:

Shoulder pads get sweaty and dirty and all around gross. Remove any visible or loose dirts and allow Football pads should first be allowed to “breath” or air dry after each use. Never, and I repeat NEVER stuff your damp or dirty pads into an enclosed space like your gym bag or locker. This will only help bacteria to increase and greatly contributes to football pad funk.

Remove any loose or visible dirt. Gently remove the padding portion covering the plastic “shell” of the pads and spray all the areas of plastic on the football pads (which there is a lot of) with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray. In most instances, you can simply spray and walk away, but for more intense jobs, spray and allow to sit for 10 or so minutes. You can then wipe or simply let air dry.

Finally, you’ll want give the padding portion some disinfectant love by giving a thorough application of disinfectant sports spray. Not only does this kill bacteria, viruses and germs mostly on contact, but it also keeps pads deodorized and fresh. If your pads have been especially neglected, you can remove the padding and allow it to soak in a larger application of Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray. Always be sure that pads have time to thoroughly dry in between disinfecting treatments and wearing.

Steps to a Clean Football Helmet:

Since most football helmets are now equipped with some sort of removable anti-microbial moisture wick lining, you can simply detach the Velcro from the pads at the top, bottom and sides of the shell. Be sure to slide or remove the pads gently so you don’t damage them while doing so.

Remove all loose dirt and then spray and walk away or spray and wipe the pads down. Since Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray is water based, you can also soak the pads without fear of breaking down the fibers of the material with harsh chemicals.

While the pads are removed from the helmet, spray the inside of helmet thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Always keep in mind that the best medicine is prevention. Regularly cleaning football pads and helmets with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray may save you health, time and money down the line.