WWE: Clear Gear Sports Spray Has You Covered…Literally!

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Superstars need to be well conditioned and in tiptop shape: they can’t let a virus or bacteria bring them down. WWE’s talent lives to compete and can’t miss training time or matches due to an easily preventable infection or illness. When it comes to protection and keeping their gear and equipment clean and free from dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses, talent at the WWE Performance Center use Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray.

Clear Gear Sports Spray’s own, Steve Tracanna, had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on July 11. The event hosted some of the best in the business including current WWE Superstars Triple H, Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry and WWE Legend  Sgt. Slaughter. Clanging the official ringside bell (Since cutting the traditional blue ribbon really isn’t the WWE’s style!) was Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s Executive Vice President, Creative. Florida Governor Rick Scott was also in attendance at the unveiling of the massive 26,000 square foot training center. The WWE Performance Center boasts seven rings, a state of the art strength and conditioning center as well as a soundstage and a  full medical treatment facility. The Performance Center will serve as the spot for up and coming WWE talent to train to become the next generation of WWE Superstars.  Jane Geddes, SVP of WWE Talent Relations and Development was quoted at the grand opening “We use Clear Gear daily at the WWE Performance Center to disinfect all of our state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide a clean and safe environment for all of our Superstars.”

More than most, the WWE recognizes the need for a sports spray that’s strong enough to take out even the most aggressive viruses and bacteria like Staph and MRSA, while still being safe to use for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Superstars and their gear. Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray is stationed proudly in the state of the art medical/athletic trainers room and in WWE Superstars’ work out bags. Hundreds were on hand as WWE and NXT talent trained in the Performance Center where referees diligently apply Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray to the mats, turnbuckles and ropes. While seven rings may seem like a lot of area to cover,  it’s no problem for Clear Gear Sports Spray: just spray and let dry.  Prevent and Protect with Clear Gear Sports Spray!

To help keep you in the same tiptop form as the WWE Superstars, be sure to follow these tips:

-Wash your hands and any exposed areas such as your feet and legs regularly after working out

-Keep your gear disinfected and clothing clean and dry: bacteria love wet or damp clothing

-Follow a cue from the WWE and get into the habit of good hygiene by regularly using a product like Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray on all your gear including gym bags, weight belts, gloves and braces

-Avoid eating, going to the bathroom or having skin to skin contact with anyone else until you’ve been able to clean up

-Keep all of your injuries or wounds taped or bandaged and do so until they have completely healed

-Be sure to alert a doctor or medical professional if you see any signs of infection such as: swelling, redness, warmth at the site, pain, burning or drainage

-Stay away from other people’s injuries, wounds or wraps

-Don’t  share your personal gear, clothing or towels

-Shower after all physical activities

Like we always say, why treat a problem when you can easily prevent it? Use Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray and keep yourself in the game!