Playdate Time: Bring the Snacks, But Leave the Germs Behind!

Hey, I have a great idea: let’s have a playdate! Fantastic! You bring the Goldfish and juice boxes and I’ll bring the disinfectant spray and wipes! That way we’ll only have to take home the leftover Goldfish and not the millions of germs we spread while we played! Sound dramatic? Sure it is, but humor aside, there’s more truth in this than most of us would like to admit. Kids put nearly everything they touch into their mouths because that is how they explore and learn about their world. There’s also truth in that we are typically one type of parent or the other. Either we dip our kids and their toys in antibacterials and disinfectants or we throw caution to the wind and hope that the other parent is paranoid enough for both us and will magically disinfect our kids too.

You can relax, since it’s likely that at some point or another we’ve been both or perhaps even a combination of sorts. Also, it’s not only the toys that carry germs, but think about our daycares, preschools and elementary schools. We all know that caregivers and custodians try their best to keep things copasetic, but sometimes it’s simply a matter of using the wrong products or using the right products incorrectly. When you look at the facts, kids are not anatomically at any higher risk for contracting infectious illnesses or skin diseases like Staph or MRSA or even a more common virus like influenza than their adult parents. Yet, when you consider some of the more common ways MRSA, Staph or even the flu are spread, kids are exceptionally effective little germ magnets. Most nasty viruses and bacterial infections are the result of poor or inconsistent hygiene. Who needs to be told 50 times to wash their hands? Of course it’s our kids! Also, if your ever want to see 4 kids share one pack of fruit snacks and wash it down with the same juice box, visit any preschool class at snack time.

Fortunately, since we can’t keep them away from toys, school, daycare or even their friends forever, as parents and teachers, we should arm ourselves with our best defense. Unlike other bleach based disinfectants that you wouldn’t dream of putting near your kids, Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray is water based and safe for use in all environments as well as being safe on the skin. A simple spray and walk away on toys and surfaces can really make all the difference. The following tips can be very helpful as well: 

Make sure your kids are bathed regularly: no matter how tired either of you may be at the end of the day, they should have a bath daily

Teach them how to properly wash their own hands and enforce what you teach

Make teachers, caregivers and other parents aware of your concerns and be sure they enforce good hygiene in your absence 

Make sure that if your child or your child’s friends have an open wound that they remain covered at all times until they are fully healed

Avoid allowing the “look how bad my boo boo is” game as the more often a wound is uncovered, the more vulnerable it becomes

Provide your OWN linens to daycares and sleepovers OR make certain that it is the standard and policy to launder in hot water and bleach, when necessary

Ask what disinfectants caregivers are using and make sure they are using them as recommended by the manufacturer i.e. spray and walk away or allow to soak

ALWAYS notify the caregiver or teacher when your child is ill or has an infection

Exercise good judgment on when it’s time to see the doctor or stay home from school

Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray does more than just protect the athlete. Using Clear Gear on children’s toys, common areas and clothing can help make sure that you are protecting what matters most to you.