MRSA: The Best Defense Will Always be Prevention

There has been some truly terrible and potentially life changing news recently surrounding health nemesis, MRSA. In the past couple of weeks, we have heard about outbreaks of MRSA in both high school and professional football platforms. Two high school football players, one from Illinois and the other from Pennsylvania recently tested positive for MRSA and two Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Lawrence Tynes and Carl Nicks are also currently being treated for the incredibly hard to tackle infection. We wish them all a safe and speedy recovery and our thoughts are with their families, as nursing any serious illness back to health is exhaustive.

If any good can come out of such an unfortunate situation, it’s that prevention remains the single biggest opponent to dangerous bacterial and viral infections including MRSA and Staph. Once an outbreak or even an isolated incident of MRSA occurs, disinfectant and antibacterial treatment of locker rooms, showers, football pads, football helmets and any other football gear is mandatory. We saw this when the New England Patriots recently hosted the Buccaneers for a joint training camp and upon hearing about the circumstances, took steps to disinfect their training facilities as well as to make sure they had clean football pads and clean football helmets. This is a good thing as this should be standard procedure in such incidents.

This brings us to speculate about the importance of regular and consistent sports disinfectant and antibacterial treatments. In other words: shouldn’t all of our football gear be consistently treated with a sports spray or sports disinfectant spray to keep any occurrences or outbreaks of MRSA at bay as opposed to being used as a knee jerk reaction to it? Clear Gear thinks consistency is key and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agrees. They believe that athletic facilities are at an especially high risk for contracting many skin on skin diseases because the likelihood of being cut or scraped during play are so high. What’s more is that because of football’s high contact nature, highly contagious diseases tend to spread rather quickly when left untreated.

The CDC also believes that special precautions should be taken in high risk environments such as athletic training rooms, locker rooms and showers. This is our permanent mission as Clear Gear. We understand the impact of such contagious diseases first hand which is why we are so passionate about preventing them. We offer Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray in a variety of sizes to facilitate a variety of applications. We now offer a convenient 1 gallon sprayer to treat sports mats, floors, industrial spaces, even your own garage. Being passionate about sports and athletics is what fuels our mission. As athletes, parents of athletes or anyone, we need to be proactive rather than reactive. Take the time to treat your football gear and any athletic gear and clothing with Clear Gear Sports Spray and you’ve essentially eliminated your odds of contracting a nasty and unrelenting pest like MRSA.