Dick’s Sporting Goods and Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray Team Up


We at Clear Gear would be hard pressed to think of a better or more appropriate retail sporting goods store to support, endorse and offer Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray than Dick’s Sporting Goods! This is why we couldn’t be more proud to announce our partnership with Dick’s; a name that is synonymous with exceptional quality and top notch service. Since Dick’s is a leading authority on sports and sporting equipment, it makes perfect sense that they have a strong interest in keeping athletes, hunters and all sports enthusiasts germ and disease free. Clear Gear fulfills that need with a disinfectant, deodorizer and cleaner all in one easy to use spray.

Whether you’re a hockey player on the ice or the field, or even an avid outdoorsman, risks for contracting a skin disease or skin related illness like MRSA, Strep or Staph are always present. We apply great care and careful consideration when purchasing our sports clothing, shoes and equipment and we should apply this same care when it comes to protecting our bodies and our skin. Int he last few years there has been a spike in sports infections and sports related skin problems. Clear Gear fills the demand for a product that not only kills the dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria that cause some of these nasty conditions, but also keeps our clothes and sports gear odor free.

We find that while all athletes benefit from using Clear Gear Sports Spray regularly, the heavier contact and skin to skin sports like wrestling, football, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and lacrosse use the most equipment and have the most gear. Between all the mats, pads, helmets and safety equipment, you need to treat everything inside and outside your gym bag and locker. With Clear Gear Sports Spray, it’s as simple as spraying down your gear and letting it dry. In other cases, you can even soak your grimiest gear using our larger gallon sized product. No need to worry about sensitivities or irritations because Clear Gear is water based and EPA approved to be skin safe.

This is why we believe partnering with Dick’s will truly be an asset for everyone looking to stay healthy, clean and in the game. Stop into your local Dick’s today and check us out: we can reduce odors in your athletic equipment as well as kill MRSA, Strep, Staph and many other dangerous bacteria that may be lurking in your equipment.