Is the U.S. Military Fighting Invisible Enemies?

Clear Gear proudly partners with the U.S. Military at The 98th Army Combatives Tournament held at Fort Dicks, NJ

While cases of Staph and MRSA in the military have declined, recent tests indicate something many of us already suspected: Staphylococcus aureus [methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible (MRSA/MSSA)] is one of the leading causes of infections among military personnel. Study This makes perfect sense when you consider the number of people who are in and out of bootcamps, communal showers, sleeping quarters, dining halls and messdecks each day. MRSA and Staph are no strangers to the military and have long been at the top of the list of medical conditions while serving. There are also cases of Staph and MRSA that are contracted abroad. Despite having medical teams and antibiotics available, some cases just become too difficult to treat and a medical discharge is necessary.

These reasons are why Clear Gear has proudly partnered with the U.S. Military for The 98thArmy Combatives Tournament that was held at Fort Dicks, NJ. The two day bracket style tournament featured military combatants in one on one self defense and submission bouts that were designed to highlight technique as well as build team spirit. Military training is intense; there is close physical contact and this becomes the perfect environment to transfer skin diseases and other bacterial illnesses. During training at the tournament, many of the participants sported full sparring gear and Clear Gear is proud to say that we had their gear fully covered and protected with our unique formula. Clear would like to extend a special thanks to Sgt. Josey Huffman for all of his work introducing Clear Gear to all the brave men and women who participated in the tournament as well as serve our country.

While training, many of the participants use full sparring gear which is now being treated with Clear Gear!

Remembering that prevention is the key to staying healthy, the following are some helpful tips that could help you to stay well:

Always be sure to wash and keep your hands clean- especially after sparring or training

Use antibacterial soap and wash thoroughly. Remember to hum the Happy Birthday song TWICE  before you rinse the soap off

Try to wash and treat your sweaty and damp clothing immediately after training

You can also opt to soak your clothing and training gear using Clear Gear’s gallon size treatment     

Try to avoid sharing training gear, sparring gear, clothing and towels and if you must, soak or wash immediately after use

Never wear clothing or gear after someone else simply because you let it “air dry” as dangerous viruses and bacteria can stay alive for a very long time

Don’t eat or drink and avoid physical or skin to skin contact unit you have properly cleaned yourself or showered