Don’t Drink or Even Sit in the Water on this Cruise

As if commercial cruise lines weren’t taking a big enough hit lately: fires, food shortages, shipwrecks; now they’re facing an ugly class action law suit. The suit claims that the hot tubs on the Carnival cruise ship were crawling with one of the most unpleasant, flesh eating bacteria known to man: MRSA.

What’s more is that it isn’t just one or even a handful of people who are alleging this tragedy, but it’s literally hundreds of people. One man, Tab Lankford, almost lost his leg because of the illness and spent a week in the hospital only to leave with an equally horrible $70,000.00 hospital bill! There are two other plaintiffs leading the class action charge and it’s partly an uphill battle since it can take MRSA several days to get settled in your body and begin its misery. By then, it was too late for the passengers to report their injuries to the ship’s staff and Carnival strongly denies any connection to their hot tubs and the plaintiff’s MRSA. They say they follow proper sanitation procedure and take sanitation very seriously.

MRSA can live and even thrive in many conditions. Since it needs just the tiniest of skin openings, a hot tub could be the ideal place for this bacteria to strike. Whether these cruise passengers picked up the bacteria from the hot tub will remain to be seen as the lawsuit unfolds, but what’s even more important is that this should serve as a cautionary tale to everyone that it’s not only athletes who are at risk. The same advice applies to everyone when it comes to germs, viruses and bacteria: the best medicine is prevention.

The following are some helpful tips for athletes and non-athletes alike:

-Always practice good hygiene by keeping your hands and feet clean and your body showered

-Take matters into your own hands and keep common areas clean by using a disinfectant sports spray or solution like Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray 

-Do not eat, use the bathroom or have skin to skin contact with others until you have thoroughly washed your hands

If you do have a cut or wound, be sure to keep it covered until it is fully healed 

Report any signs of an infection such as redness, warmth to the touch, a burning sensation, swelling, pain and/or drainage as soon as it appears

Even on a cruise, you should always wear shoes or at least sandals to keep the bottoms of your feet from touching common waking areas 

-Unless you are a medical professional, stay away from other people’s wounds or bandages

-Avoid sharing personal items such as sunscreen, make up, towels and bathing suits

Shower every day especially after sunning, swimming or spending any time in a public pool or hot tub

-Change your damp or sweaty swimsuits and clothing as soon as possible

-Always have a spare set of dry, clean clothes, bathing suits and socks in your luggage

Always remember that just like everything else, prevention is key, so be sure to keep yourself and your personal items in tip top shape with Clear Gear Disinfectant Sports Spray.