Why David Diehl believes using a sports spray regularly keeps him infection free.

Professional Football Player David DiehlAs a professional football player and New York Giants offensive tackle, David Diehl understands that taking care of his body is part of his job. He also knows the best way to accomplish this is by using Clear Gear Sports Spray to keep himself and his equipment clean and free of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Dealing with an infection like Strep or MRSA can really put a serious hamper on a talented athlete’s passion.

Not only does David Diehl use Clear Gear Sports Spray, but he believes in its security and protection so much, that this Pro Bowler just had to become a Clear Gear Partner and we’re honored to have him.

As a professional athlete, Diehl has seen his fair share of injuries and crippling infections on and off the field. He knows that for some players, being stricken with one could be detrimental to a playing season and maybe even a career. Diehl’s proactive response to fighting nasty bacteria and viruses with Clear Gear Sports Spray ensures that he will stay healthy and in the game.