The Story of Steve Tracanna and how a simple antibacterial spray could have saved him a lot of aggravation.

Steve Tracana, AntibacterialIt came out of hellish, lengthy and ridiculously expensive hospital stay to treat a Strep infection from a small elbow cut that got up close and personal with his sweaty hockey gear. Eight days and $54,000.00 later, Steve Tracanna had thought up a antibacterial product to help others avoid the same fate he endured. After all, we live in an age where antibacterial gels and sprays can be found in most bathrooms, cars and purses. Two partners and a ton of brain storming later, the product was exactly as he envisioned it.

To think of all the people, all the athletes, parents, coaches and trainers that would be able to be proactive and treat their sports equipment with a antibacterial sports spray that would kill dangerous viruses and bacteria, was all Steve wanted.

Raising awareness about the severity of infectious diseases is important for Steve. After all, the more you know, the better you’ll be. As a completely dedicated “hockey nut,” Steve knows firsthand just how often athletes are in situations where sweat, blood and who knows what else comes in contact with your skin: it’s nearly all the time. For Steve’s full story,  click here.