Welcome to Clear Gear Sports Spray

Clear Gear Sports SprayWelcome to Clear Gear Sports Spray and congratulations on taking the initiative to keep yourself protected and involved in the sports and activities you love! At Clear Gear, we have a very simple philosophy: we believe that it’s better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to your health and well being. The risk of contracting serious and even life threatening infections like MRSA, Staph and Strep is very real. The Staph virus alone claims 19,000 lives each year. It only takes one small portal of entry on your body to contract one of these dangerous infections and this means anyone, especially athletes, are at risk.


Born out of painful and firsthand experience, Clear Gear employs a unique formula that is simple and safe for just about anyone to use while being highly effective in killing disease causing viruses and bacteria. Clear Gear disinfects and deodorizes all of your sports gear and equipment. We offer a variety of applications to suit your needs and whether you need to apply Clear Gear to a pair of knee pads or to an entire wrestling mat, we have you covered.


Whether you’re an athlete, coach, trainer or parent, you can agree that your number one goal (after performing at your best, of course!) is to stay in tip top shape and maintain your peak performance. Nothing will slow you down faster than an injury that can land you in a hospital bed and off the mat, field or court. Using Clear Gear Sports Spray on your clothes, gear and equipment before and after each use, gives you the competitive advantage you need to stay clean, healthy and to keep on playing.